Multiple Entry Visa for Iranian Students is a nonpartisan, nonprofit and nonpolitical assembly of Iranian students in United States dedicated to raising awareness regarding single entry visa policy towards Iranian students. Our main aim is to facilitate a resolution to this issue by communicating the severe situation that Iranian students have been facing when going through the process of visa application and during years of stay. We are committed to use all legal means and operate within the confinements of United States laws and regulations.

What we aim to achieve?

As one of the most highly educated minority groups in the United States, Iranians have achieved success on many levels. Despite their many contribution to US science and economy, US visa policy towards Iranian nationals and Iranian students in particular remains the same for over three decades. Single entry visa policy, and prolonged visa processing time –taking up to six months frequently- has prevented Iranian students from leaving the US in case of family emergency or when attending international conferences. They suffer prolonged separation from their families during the long course of studies.


Iran as a nation is going through a difficult time and we want to see that as President Obama stated in his recent Norooz message, United States stands with the Iranian people. Single entry student visa is a restriction that directly affects the people of Iran – the best and brightest of them. Inspired by the change that American people brought to their country, we work to bring a change to our lives for the better; a change that will redefine everyday life of every single one of us.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announces "Multiple Entry Visa" for Iranian students

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